What's Up:

Kasi just finished the Raven Point Pack trliogy by Heather Renee available on Audible and iTunes. She’s currently recording the Boys of Oak Park Prep trilogy by Callie Rose and the Supernatural Academy series by Ingrid Seymour and Katie French. Next up will be the Vampire Court series by Ingrid Seymour and Seven Sided Spy by Hannah Carmack.

Kasi recently closed Stolen Shakespeare Guild's production of Into The Woods which played at Ft Worth's Sander's Theatre. She can be found now and then singing at the Broadway on a Tuesday cabaret at Alexandre’s in Dallas.

A new, ongoing short film project is in the early planning stages. More news coming soon! 

Kasi just wrapped up her second year of teaching theatre at DECATS Dallas this summer. She directed about 25 GaT Jr. High students in their performance of Canned Hamlet which they learned all in three weeks. She also taught Voice Acting, Song Interpretation, Auditioning, and Improv.